where is m now?

I have continued my travels as a modern wandering Jew. Today, I sit and write from a room bathed in sun in a quiet home in Edmonds, Washington. It is my mother-in-law’s home, and I am grateful for the shelter she has provided me in my time of transition between once home in Arizona and future home in Belgium.

At the end of this month of October, I will fly to Belgium to join my husband, who will be studying for his PhD at a university in Brussels over the next four years. While I am no stranger to the state of limbo, I will be thankful to set foot on foreign soil and begin the steps of making it both familiar and my home.

3 thoughts on “where is m now?

  1. Hi Ranger M. I hope you’re doing all right. No idea how old this post is, but it’s cool to know you are in the lowell forty-eight (sic). Bill and I are moving to Atlanta soon. Would love to hear from you.


    1. Kadi!!

      So wonderful to hear from you. I just moved back to the Northeast. I would love to see you and Bill one of these days. Let’s catch up soon 🙂

      Hope you are both well!

      much love, nandi

  2. So, cool blog, by the way. You inspired me to start one of my own. It’s kinda retro, so of course I love it!
    I got my M.A. in French Lit last May. The plan is to get to a more prestigious school so I can become a professor. Oh, and I’m switching to Religious Studies.
    Bill and I will be visiting Alaska in July. We’re taking a tour with his parents. I’m really looking forward to it.
    Then in August we’ll be moving to Atlanta so I can attend Emory University. Yay!
    What are you up to in Mass.?

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