Park mouse to town mouse

“Give me for my friends and neighbors wild men, not tame ones.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

In addition to uprooting myself from the upper Skagit and moving to Alaska, diving in to a new job, and beginning the process of learning about the nuances of life in a new place – the history, flora and fauna, phenology, and so on – I have also spent the summer seeking out a home from which to truly embrace and experience this process.

Yesterday, I had my first visitor come to my new home. A woman from work came over with mug of tea in hand, and we sat and talked over pancakes, tea, and coffee for a few hours. It was so peaceful and felt so real, the kind of interaction I have been seeking for so long – the ability to have a friend stop by for tea and conversation on a Sunday. So simple yet so wonderfully fulfilling and comforting. I hope for others to find the space in their lives and the community to allow for these moments. I savor every one and look forward to many more in the coming months and hopefully years.

2 thoughts on “Park mouse to town mouse

  1. Is this your new home? Mazel tov and all good things to you in your new home. Your community sounds like you have reached nirvana! Happy New Year Marieke!

  2. What a good idea ! I really enjoy reading about your life in Alaska. Cross fingers that one day we make it to Gustavus.

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