Down by the bay

These are photos from a recent upbay excursion with a scientist from Resource Management division at Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. We traveled up Muir Inlet (East Arm) and then all the way up the west arm to Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers (where the cruise ships now travel in the summer). It was fascinating and inspiring, though we cruised far too quickly for bird identification. The project falls under the realm of oceanography, with 22 sites that are visited 9 times a year. Each visit, a $25,000 hyped up version of the kid version water quality testing kits I have used in environmental education is used to measure conductivity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen from the surface of the water down to specific depths. The sites where measurements are taken fall every 5 miles up the mid-channel of the east and west arms of Glacier Bay.

To learn more, you will have to sign up for our new Long Distance Classroom programs!!

1 thought on “Down by the bay

  1. wonderful photos… remember the song we used to sing about down by the bay……..

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