farewell hiver

With the arrival of spring and sunlight insisting itself into my home from early in the morning to well into the evening, I can feel winter slowly and silently slinking away with its tail between its legs. With this transition, I cannot help but feel reflective, thinking about the events of this past winter and imagining I had been stronger, had better boundaries, and found a way to be more honest with myself and the people I care about.

I suppose that with each new season, there is a sense of sadness at bidding farewell to the season passed, along with a sense of excitement and trepidation in welcoming the change and uncertainty that inevitably links itself to the onset of the new.

In honor of lessons learned, a time of transition, and gratitude for each breathe I take and footstep I place on solid ground, I am including a series of photos from this past winter.

Blessed be metamorphosis!

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