Into the great, wide open

It is easy to forget all that we accomplish just to get through each day. I often sat on my couch this past winter and looked around my home, wondering if it was real. With each shift in my perception of what is real and what is transient in my life, I feel less grounded but also more free to create my own reality, my own sense of place, my own way of being in this world and making a difference with the time I have. I can feel the inner artist unfolding and seeking the means to burst out and create a stir on this wild planet. The more layers I peel back to find that inner version of the self, voice, power, and confidence, the less willing I am to accept the status quo, to go through life crossing every metaphorical and literal ‘t’ and dotting each individual ‘i’.

It is for each person to sift through their own layers and to at least imagine the details of their ideal reality. I know I am getting closer. I also know that this journey is dynamic, and at the risk of waxing poetic, I am realizing that I am learning enough from the journey that I am less concerned with how or when I reach the destination.

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