Coffee and Clark’s Nutcrackers in Clinton

Everywhere I travel, I observe the many elements that define a place—the rise and fall of the land, the many smells, sounds, and evidences of inhabitants from the human and more than human realm. I try to imagine how this place has been shaped over time and how it has shaped those dwelling within its reach. Each corner of this planet offers a glimpse of what has been and of what may be.

I was met by a familiar feather and face in the small community of Clinton, British Columbia. Upon stopping to stretch and find coffee, I turned a corner and saw the white, grey, and black streak of color from a Clark’s Nutcracker, a high elevation mountain resident who grating call reminds me instantly of ridge walking through rock, snow, and heather in the alpine country of the North Cascades—a barren landscape that feels more like home than any human inhabited downtown.

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