A dream of dark waters


Last night, I dreamed of Walden Pond.

Everything was dark, the sky and the water. I waded in waist deep. I tried to swim. I wanted to follow my usual path. But every time my feet pushed off from the sand, I could not move forward. There was something holding me back.

On my feet, rain boots filling with water.

On my body, clothing soaking up water like a sponge.

Try as I might, I could not propel myself through the dark, shiny water with the ease I was used to.


Metaphor for this moment in my life?

Your guess is as good as mine.


2 thoughts on “A dream of dark waters

  1. I dreamt last night that my family and I were floating in a swift river, came to a confluence with a larger river (the Skagit?) and got sucked even faster by the huge current. It was relaxing and fun. But then a car drove right by my head, the river began to disappear, and then I realized I was crawling along a highway rather than swimming with the river’s flow. Time to wake up!

    1. Hi Tanya!

      Thank you for your beautiful comment and for sharing your own dark dream. I wonder about the meaning of dark waters from bodies of water we feel a strong connection with, as well as the meaning behind the collision between the human and natural world? I miss the Skagit River!

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