Moments in Massachusetts

There are moments in Massachusetts when I wish I could beam myself to another place. Sadly, these moments seem to have a more lasting impact on me than the ones that fill me with love and hope and a deep desire to stay in this industrial town.

The most recent moment was less than five minutes ago, but it has left me with a racing heart and befuddled mind.

Allow me to paint a picture for you.

I had spent a lovely evening celebrating a belated father’s day with my dad. I would not consider either of us to be intimidating or threatening the least. For one, we are not big people. We may have wild hair-me more on top than him- hair may be wild, but I tend to Got sandwiches from Brew’d. Watched the rain and thunder pass over the city. And then, we walked across the parking lot in the back to his car and were greeted by a man and a priest standing in the parking lot for the Greek Hellenic School. The man in street clothes informed me that I was not allowed to walk across the parking lot or through the hole in the fence to get to Worthen Street because it was “private property.” I thought he was kidding.

I know that I live in a patriarchal country and in a city that is more than a bit rough around the edges, yet it feels especially foreign to be greeted by neighbors in such a odd fashion.

Of course, I told a friend in Arizona about the episode, and he told me his commute home from work ended with a man shooting in a creek beside the road. When a bullet landed in the water right beside his car, he lost his cool.

I am thankful I wished them a blessing from the lord after I called out a farewell and sent love to my father. I cannot say that I truly wished a blessing on both their houses, but I would prefer to not engage with that kind of behavior and take a cold shower and drink a glass of red wine instead.

I am also thankful for my wonderfully kind neighbor, who offered love and laughter in response! I dedicate this post to you, you know who you are!

And now they will live on through my writing, a reminder of small minds and egos. And certainly a shameful promotion for any god. Rather than spend the time and energy to write a song in their honor, I will share one my neighbor sent to me instead.¬†Gentlemen, I hope tomorrow is a better day for you and feel less inclined to “pray” on those who are smaller than you.

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