Day is done

The day is drawing to a close, but I continue to feel unsettled. Perhaps, it is the heat. Or maybe the continuation of the unknown that I cannot seem to settle into. Given the state of limbo my life has taken on these past four years, it would seem that I would have grown accustomed to uncertainty.

Not yet.

My body and mind keep railing against it. I feel it in my heart beating rapidly and anxious, shallow breath in place of calm.

I feel it in the dark, sinking feeling in my heart.

I would not describe this as a feeling of melancholia. I do not feel sad.

I am restless.

I am waiting.


WHAT if I bade you leave
The cavern of the mind?
There’s better exercise
In the sunlight and wind.

I never bade you go
To Moscow or to Rome.
Renounce that drudgery,
Call the Muses home.

Seek those images
That constitute the wild,
The lion and the virgin,
The harlot and the child.

Find in middle air
An eagle on the wing,
Recognise the five
That make the Muses sing.

~ W.B. Yeats

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