DSCF4330I have never been the kind of person to sit around and wait for the universe. I am not patient. I am a doer. Yet in the time since graduation, I have been at a loss as to how to make what comes next happen.

I simply do not yet know what comes next.

My research partner recently told a friend, “I feel like I have escaped from Egypt but I am now wandering in the wilderness.”

His friend responded, “I hope it is not for 40 years.”

What does the future hold?

I have visions of travel, working with people around the country and the world to lift their stories into song.

But how do I begin?

I feel that songwriting will be important part of my life’s work.

I may not give birth to children, but I can help brings songs into the world.

How does one follow a calling?

I wrote to a friend who has done just that, and she responded:

“I know now not to go into transition without the voice of my soul. It is the voice that calls me into what is best for me. So if I am unsure, I wait, I practice, and I listen. There is no prescription for this. The inner voice knows EXACTLY what the next steps are. It is up to us to practice listening. Another thing I have learned is when it is time to leap, it is never easy. But when I listen from within, I know that I will be held by the sacred wind. So much love as you grow into your calling, one breath at a time.”

And in the spirit of breath and movement, I draw this moment to a close that another can begin. I will dip into the soothing waters of Walden, breath in and out, and move my body to the rhythm of my soul.


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