These streets need you!

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?

I work weekends, so my Saturday is everyone else’s Monday. This does not stop me from periodically seizing the moment.

Rather than sit in my apartment alone with my cats last night, I asked a friend if she would join me to go a-busking in downtown Lowell.

“Sure!” came her quick response.

J arrived with guitar in tow and a beer in her backpack.

We giggled on the couch, munching on snacks and doing some all around psychological prep for the musical outing.

When I said “night” earlier, I probably should have been more accurate to the stages of the day and written “afternoon.”

I am no night owl. I get tired at 8:30pm, so this ukulele-playin’ cat thought 5:30pm would be a perfect time to find a street corner and shake my stuff.

And we did!

It was ever so slightly awkward at the start; then, I felt like I had taken a dose of insta-joy.

We played for just over an hour in two spots downtown—the corner of Middle Street and Palmer and then over by Brew’d Awakening.


One woman who lived nearby came and listening and gave us a $1. We were thrilled!

Another gentleman drove past and then walked back to listen and chat. He was an artist living and working at Western Avenue Studios.

“I can’t afford this,” he said as he reached into his pocket. “But these streets need you!” he told us as he placed a crinkled $10 bill into my uke case!

These streets need you, too!

Come on down to Lowell and shake what you got!


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