Change the world by being

I believe that a sustainable path is possible, and I believe that I can change the world by embodying sustainability.

Four years ago, I made a choice that led me to who I am and where I am today. I enrolled in a PhD program.

Three years ago, a friend told me that I was brave and could be happy.

Two years ago, a supervisor told me I had lost my way and in so doing, he set me free.

One year ago and a half, I moved to Massachusetts.

The person I am today is reminiscent of the person I was four years ago, but there are differences.

  1. My hair is shorter.
  2. My hair is frizzier because I live in Massachusetts where it is hot and humid in the summer.
  3. I wear nail polish and dangly earrings to work because I can.
  4. I live alone.
  5. I listen to my body.
  6. I still bite my fingernails when I get nervous.
  7. I still don’t like cities, though there is a big place in my heart for Lowell.
  8. I play ukulele.
  9. I write songs.
  10. I believe that every person’s story has value and that every person is an artist.

I would not be here without the recognition and support of others who gave me permission to be here. I would not be here without individuals who made me feel less than valuable.

Each day, I make choices about the way I want to interact with the world around me.

I am learning that one person can make a world of difference for another person.

I am trying to effect positive change.

My being can change the world.

My being is changing the world

My way of being is change.

I am only one person.

I believe that change can begin with one person.

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