Enough-Shutdown Day 14


The longer the shutdown endures, the less inspired I am to come up with clever titles for these posts.

I do, however, continue to be inspired to write.

Today brought the same amount of angst-inspiring fodder—continued rant and threats from crazy ebay lady, increase of monthly mortgage payment, student loans looming on an ominous, financial horizon. The list goes on.

Yet today, I was tired of giving in to anger and emotion. The past couple of weeks—save the three and a half days my sweetie was in town—have been emotionally taxing and draining.

While I am disappointed with the government and continue to be concerned about my financial future, I think I am finished with letting it suck me dry of buoyancy and love for life.


Instead, I am envisioning my life, as I desire it to be. Rather than focusing on what is and might be, I am sending out my intentions to the universe and focusing on my hopes and dreams for the future.

In this, the best of all possible worlds, I am tending my garden. In my own mind, body, and spirit, I can and will raise remarkable fruits from my labor.



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