Seeking immunity

I am down for all counts. After struggling for a week, virus germs have won—temporarily, at least. I realize that germs are a necessary part of doing business on planet Earth, but these germs are rapacious and give little in return. Were I able to train them to do some dishes and fold my laundry, I may be less harsh in my judgment of their attributes.

I am paid by day to talk with people.

Though most of my musical career has been pro bono thus far, I rely on my voice to communicate stories as songs to those who are willing to listen.

I therefore now find myself in a predicament.

To speak or not to speak.

To sing or not to sing.

Both activities seem to be hindering the healing process, so for the moment I am quite literally speechless. I have taken a vow of silence.

Thankfully, my inner voice remains healthy and strong. I am hoping to draw strength from the ground beneath me that will allow for the safe return of the tangible voice that bridges my inner voice with the outside world.



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