Sing from your heart

IMG_1918No jokes. No fooling. Spring has arrived in Lowell.

I know this in part because my desire to clean and purge has taken on new force from within. In addition, I feel a deep desire to bring new life into the world. No, I am not talking about that kind of seed. I am talking about plants! I now have many house plants with fresh soil who are much happier (I hope).

My inner scape tells me spring is here and also the cityscape that surrounds me.

The past two afternoons, I have heard a northern cardinal singing his heart out from a tree somewhere in the vicinity of my concrete yard.

On my way back from the gym earlier today, I heard the familiar tones of a killdeer. “Kill-deer, Kill-deer.” An aptly named bird, if you are going for the literal.

And just moments before sitting down to write, a black-capped chickadee joined the cardinal, starling, and house sparrow chorus.

What more could I ask for? An early birthday gift, perhaps?

For the curious, there are a few things I have been thinking about, though to be fair they may be difficult to gift.

My partner often speaks of the power of stating our intention with the universe. This past winter, with palms open wide, we spoke of a shared intention to bring our lives together while holding deep, red Sedona rock.

I have experienced synchronicity with shared energy and desire, and I believe that I can gently try to nudge the universe. The ripple that returns to me may be different than my hope, but I am certain it will be far from dull.

So, with a new season just beginning to walk on wobbly legs, here I state my intention for the present and future months to come:

I will care for my health and wellbeing while continuing to grow my songwriting business.

I will continue to try to be less sensitive to other people’s negativity, even when directed at me.

I will write music and stories.

I will sing from my heart.

I will find a way to be as physically close as I am spiritually with the love of my life.

What are your intentions for today, tomorrow, and the next day? May they be as beautiful and amazing as you!


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