The last day

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Another month comes to a close. With the craze of summer in full swing, I nearly missed writing a post for August. These past few weeks of songwriting, singing, and performance have taken the full depth of my attention.

It has also been a month of making choices and plans for the future.

My practice has increasingly become that of mindfulness and awareness: paying attention to the details of the world around me, of my own inner scape, and the unending dance between the two.

I find that the more aware I become of these realms, the more sensitive I am to the influence of harmful gestures by human hands.

This morning I read a moving article about the fate of the passenger pigeon and was reminded once more of the rippling effect our choices impose on the planet at large.

I began reflecting on my own choices, the ones that seem small but may be deceptively so.

I am an immediate being. I notice the immediate effects of my choices when the results are right in front of me, visible and real. I can easily be lulled into a false sense of the true impact of my actions, imagining the repercussions are more positive than they may be in actuality or not taking a moment to imagine at all.

My meditation for today and every day is to take notice; to make choices out of love, kindness, and respect for all beings; to honor the spirit of those beings who are no longer with us; and to help preserve the presence of those whose breath still cycles through each and every one of us.


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