Fall clean

The final day of September 2014 dawned grey and cold. The first morning of October was much the same: grey skies above, spits of drizzle falling from here, and sometimes there. Cool, damp air wrapped itself around the city and its inhabitants.

I love and despair of this weather.

I am not much for heat and humidity, but I do love being outdoors and swimming in clear, cool water. As the water begins to cool, I feel a bit melancholy that a period of life is ending.

Even whilst I bemoan the end of the my outdoor swimming time, I celebrate and fear the onset of the winter season. The fall and winter are a time of reflection beneath warm covers, for books, movies, writing, and music: a creative time.

By the same token, it is a dark time for me. A dark curtain; a misty shroud falls around me.

I am caught in the middle of an unending push and pull.

What I love most about the time between seasons is the transition itself, the sense that anything is possible and that there is the opportunity for change.

I dust off one layer of fear to find a layer of lethargy. Beneath lethargy lies fear. But the deeper I clean, the more hope and excitement I find.

I can begin anew.

It is a fire rekindled.

And this October, the fire has begun.


2 thoughts on “Fall clean

  1. Que ça soit chaleureux pour toi.

    1. Thanks, dear friend!! Can’t believe I somehow missed your comment. Nothing like a global pandemic to give one time to sift through all of the messages in my email account 😉 Sending love and hugs from a safe social distance! ❤

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