Ride, Marieke, Ride

I have a magic carpet. I have been flying along on this carpet for the past few years, if not more. For the most part, it has been a solitary voyage. Two cats have followed me on my ventures, but they are not quite the same as human companions (thank you in advance for not telling them I told you so).

On this journey, I have crossed paths with many people, some who nurtured and supported my search for self and wellbeing and others who were threatened by it and seemed to lash out. I have discovered that my sensitive and often tenuous grip on creating a sustainable existence is subject to a shift depending on which end of the spectrum these individuals fall–spiritually uplifting versus toxicity that has ranged from mild to poisonous for my soul.

For each encounter that has fallen on the more toxic end of the spectrum, I have searched for understanding and empathy. I recognize my own role in these enounters and understand that I have been difficult, if not toxic myself, at times, particularly while in the height of survival mode. I also realize that a person who may be toxic for my own being can be otherwise for another person. In another stage of my life, the toxicity may have been or could be less potent as well. Therefore, my practice has been finding a way to forgive myself and others and sending unspoken wishes for peace.

A magic carpet can be both gift and curse. I keep my own carpet roled up and out of sight because I have discovered that not everyone likes a magic carpet; in fact, it can be alarming for those who come into contact with it.

Do you have a magic carpet or something akin to it? Take good care of it if you do. If you don’t, keep your senses and spirit open, and it will find you.

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