Me and my aura


Until a little over a week ago, I had never even heard of having one’s aura read. I am thankful for a dear member of my family for suggesting it, as it was the subject of today’s field trip to Sedona.

This morning, I went swimming, came home, and got ready to meet my spiritual destiny. I put on earrings that made me think of Okami and a necklace with blue lapis I had bought when he was sick because I thought it might help me make him better.

I left mid-morning with baby Naih, who instantly fell asleep on the back seat. After some circumnavigation, we found a dog park in an unbelievably beautiful pocket of red desert, surrounded by plateau and steeples of red rocks rising up out of the ground all around us. By the time we left the park, Naih’s fur had taken on pinkish, red hues from rolling around in the gravel.



We made our way back along highway 179 and parked at the Center for the New Age. I parked in the shade, poured some water for baby, and headed inside.

I walked around while I waited for my appointment and then walked into a small room. I sat down on a small bench and placed my left and right hand onto a small blue metal box with five metal strips for each finger and a round metal plate for each palm.

I was asked to look into a kind of camera while I had my aura photo taken.

I was invited to sit in a chair closer to the woman doing the reading, and she explained a little bit about the process while we waited for the photo to develop and dry.

When she presented the photo to me, I was surprised by the presence of red, orange, and yellow. I had assumed that there would be more green and blue, I am not sure why.


The reader proceeded to explain to me that red meant that I had the energy of the universe coursing through me, which gave me the power to be a master healer shaman. Red meant that I was a healer and also a creative spirit.

You can hold your hover your hand over someone and heal them. I instantly had flashes to documentaries about Christian healers where people screamed and fell writhing on the floor.

You are a clairsentient, very empathic to other people’s energy and emotions.

Huh, I thought to myself. Maybe, I really am a witch after all?

You would be a wonderful yoga teacher, she told me, and you should look into Reiki.

You also have a strong creative spirit, she added. If you wanted to you, you could write several books, become a dancer, or perform around the world.

I am a yoga teacher and songwriter, I explained, instantly wondering why I had labeled myself as a yoga teacher when I had only actually taught two classes.

She continued to tell me that the yellow spots meant that I was suffering from some sadness, a transition or death. She told me she could see five white dots behind the yellow, which represented my five guardian angels. I wondered if one of the was Okami. I asked her if she knew who they were, but she told me they were dynamic, ever-changing so she could not pinpoint a single identity to them.

You have boundless energy, she said. You need to have movement in your day or you will go crazy. It is important that you do yoga, not just to help others but also for yourself.

I swim every day, I told her. I have to.

Your songs are important because they are healing for the people you work with and also healing for you, she said. You could be traveling the world and performing if you wanted to. You have great potential if you use your talents.

Whatever happens, you need to be creating or you will have a hard time. You also need to learn how to protect yourself because you are such a strong empathic that you will take on the energy of others.

You also need to learn to ground yourself so all of this energy does not overwhelm you.

Is that why I twitch? I asked her. She said she had noticed it and thought that it was likely connected.

I am very *vata, I told her.You have a real high and low with your energy, and you will feel this.

Though you are experiencing some trauma and sadness right now, the red around your heart tells me that you have great joy in your heart. The green in the bottom right corner also shows that you are healing.

(Note: It feels only right and honest to mention that I pretty much wept through the entire reading, so her mentioning that I was strong in the “emotionality” index was quite clear).


You should feel good that you are in no danger of living a life without feeling. Some people come in here in the midst of extreme trauma and are total deadened to feeling. They are completely detached.

I asked her about the anxiety and panic I feel with anything close to my neck or confining my upper body, and she thought it was connected to my past life, which would mean a visit with another person.

I asked about my extreme pull to wolves and about Naih and Okami and the most recent pup I had found.

I think you should put your energy into your puppy but pay close attention to another animal that comes into your life, was all she said.

I asked about Shiva and if it made sense for me to be drawn to this spirit, and she enthusiastically agreed.

Yes, Shiva is definitely a good fit for you. You should also have some Sage around and keep a piece of Hematite in your pocket.

As we were wrapping things up, she told me she was happy to meet me and to talk to her if I wanted to work as a healer there.

While I was paying, I heard her begin talking to another person and telling them the red meant they were a master healer shaman, and I began to wonder if this was something she told everyone, but I also sensed that she must believe deeply in this language and knowledge and to not allow my own low self-esteem and inner critic to sway me from being open to hearing her.

Much of what she told me I already knew about myself, but there were also surprises. If anything, it was fascinating in and of itself to have reflected back to me from a complete stranger the self-knowledge that has taken me decades to derive.

I dutifully went to the store and bought several small pieces of hematite and a Shiva statue, the design of which I had long been drawn to.


The entire interchange only lasted for about twenty minutes, but I was completely exhausted by the time I walked back out to the car to drive home.


* Vata is one of the three doshas (personality types or constitution) in Ayurveda, an ancient yogic tradition to understand the human constitution and create balance in human life.

आयुर्वेद Sanskrit

Ayur = Life

Veda = Knowledge

To learn more about the Vata dosha, visit this website:

Understanding Vata

To learn more about the three doshas and to take a dosha quiz (which is super fun), visit this website:

Dosha Quiz

To learn more about Ayurveda, read anything by Dr. Lad.

To learn about a clairsentient, visit this site:



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  2. i love this post so much!! it has me thinking about my aura xoxo

    1. That’s so great! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

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