Health “care”

A man walks into a doctor’s office. His appointment is at 2:30pm, and he was asked to arrive at 2:15pm to fill out the usual paperwork.


The man has not had great luck with doctors in this country. They tend toward nursing their own ego at the expense of the patient. Sadly, this visit will prove to be no exception.


The man is brought through the usual steps at the beginning of an appointment. And then he waits.


And he waits.


And he waits some more.


At 4pm, the doctor saunters in.


The man explains his ailments to the doctor, who becomes fixated on just one.


He begins writing out prescriptions for multiple drugs and physical therapy. The man interjects, reminding the doctor of his preference for less medication. He explains that he already has tried physical therapy, and it didn’t help.


No no no no no, the doctor interjects. This place is very good.


The doctor then insists that the man return every three months for blood work. The man responds that this seems extreme and not necessary (not to mention that the man knows his health insurance will only over blood work and one visit to a doctor each calendar year).


The doctor measures the man’s heart rate and remarks that it seems high.


The man responds that it is likely because he is frustrated and upset.


The doctor becomes irritated, and tells the man that he is not going to lose his license over him and perhaps this is not the place for him.


Patients love us, the doctor gushes. We see 125 patients a day, he tells the man. We don’t need you!


The man reaches for the paperwork he brought with him. Before the man stands up to leave, the doctor storms out, never to return.


Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I have always been under the impression that healthcare was meant to help people in need and not the other way around. I grew up with two parents working in public health, and I had fairly traditional experiences with doctors and dentists and the like.


Sadly, however, over the course of my life in this country, healthcare has become an industry, a well-oiled business machine, where the needs of the many outweigh the decadent desires of the few.


My advice? Stay super duper healthy with rest, exercise, meditation, yoga, or whatever works for you and hope you can keep your visits to the doctor to a minimum.




Move to Canada or a country in Europe.

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