This time last year…

This time last year, it was unbearably hot

From early in the morning until late at night

We would close up the windows and draw the shades

And try to keep cool in the midst of the blaze

This time last year, when the sun would go down

We would walk near the house ‘neath the cottonwood trees

A barn owl would screech her babies were near

They left gifts of their feathers for me to find

This time last year when you were far away

It was just me and my wolf dog in the heat of the day

This time last year, it was unbearably hot

My wolf dog was with me, this year he is not

2 thoughts on “This time last year…

  1. I love this! Is it a song?

    1. Thanks so much, Jim! It was just a little bit of prose that came to me last night, but it could be fun to see if there is a melody to it. 🙂

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