“The age of Coronavirus”: Lockdown Day I

To start the day

  • Sleep in(ish)
  • Make pain perdu (aka, “French” toast)
  • Make coffee
  • Have a panic attack from social media mass hysteria overload and reading email after email about how local businesses are shifting protocols to be “safe” in the age of COVID-19 (ex. Postal workers will be taking special precautions; all postal workers will keep one meter between themselves and the customer; joke with husband that they will now have to either toss your package to you from the street OR leave the package on the stairs and retreat in quick succession)
  • Take a panic (or what my husband calls “chill”) pill
  • Drink more coffee
  • Feel a sense that something I missing and realize it is because I haven’t checked social media in two minutes
  • Wonder if it is too early to start drinking something stronger than coffee

Husband activities

  • Clean the mold and mossy islands that have begun to take over the roof
    Clean mold on the inside and outside of skylights
    Walk to the pharmacy and buy the last thermometer
    Go to the grocery store and buy, lettuce, oat milk, and bread (feel strong because he did not breakdown and buy toilet paper like the people before and after him in line)

My activities

  • Take the dog for a long walk in the forest
  • Do multiple loads of laundry
  • Vacuum
  • Work on creative migration songs project-related activities

Together activities

  • Make a list of lockdown appropriate movies to watch
    Saturday Night Fever
    The Big Chill
    Northern Exposure
    Silver Linings (for hope?)
  • Skype with three different family members in three different time zones
    Drink wine and whiskey for internal disinfection
  • Read aloud from The Dragons of Pern series
  • Contemplate backup plans in case we are not able to move back to the United States per our original timeline
  • Go to sleep between freshly laundered sheets (oh yeah!)
  • Make my husband sleep downstairs because he is snoring

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