Life in Lockdown: Day IV

Tuesday  ~ March 17, 2020


Stepped in dog shit yet again while walking through the forest, so in that regard the experience of walking anywhere in Belgium is still (sadly) the same. Maybe the virus is spread through dog poop, and this is the reason there is such a wave of contagion across Europe?

Took photos of the forest, which was blissfully quiet with the absence of vehicles and incessant cutting down of tree after tree after tree.

On the way back from walking my dog in the forest I saw one friend on a bicycle with her scarf drawn up around her face. We walked by another person who was sitting outside reading and actively leaned away from me.


There was one guy who just kept driving his motorcycle in loops around the neighborhood. I shared a different choice phrases for each revolution:


Sorry about your…


I wish to drive unreasonably fast.


Hey baby, hey baby, hey!


This last one is also the English wording for the male common yellowthroat warbler’s song to the ladies in springtime, so it seemed apt.


Went for a walk with the dog around a very quiet neighborhood.


Lay on the roof in the morning sun until the smell from a neighbor’s cigarette sent me back inside. Later in the day, I practiced  yoga on the roof in the afternoon sun. In Belgium, I have really come to appreciate the symbolism of the sun salutation. It just feels SO good to stand with eyes closed, facing the light and warmth from the sun’s rays.

My yoga asana practice was brief, and then I participated in a post asana savasana and photography session of cat savasana. Our little backyard wild cat will only let us pet her if she is inside, on our bed when she is safely ensconced in what we call the cat boat or raft (this is a fluffly bed I got for my dog when he was a puppy years ago). She will also let us pet her if Fin the cat is between us and her as a safety cat buffer zone. After some hesitation on the roof, however, and after playing with the strap for wrapping up my travel yoga mat, she decided that my yoga mat was also safe and let me rub her belly while Fin lay between us.

Went for a late afternoon walk and sent a photo of a possible sign à la 2001, which I promptly sent to my dad and which then prompted several back and forth messages and photographs on the theme.

We took our temperatures multiple times a day and spent a lot of time looking at Coronavirus memes.


Some hilarious:


Shiva washing hands at a science meets non-duality conference.


A reference to the next generation of babies that will be born and referred to as the #coronials.


Some just disturbing:


Dog heads photoshopped onto bird bodies.


Conducted more stuffed animal surgery while listening to The Dragons of Pern.


Until the next installment, Good night, and good luck!

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