Pandemic Poetry

I am not a poet, but there was a moment while I was living in Belgium at the very start of the pandemic when I looked into the reflection of trees in a puddle in the forest by my Boitsfort home. I felt such a deep desire to dive into the forest on the other side of the puddle, and I heard words. Prose arose.

I wrote this poem on the day Belgium went into lockdown at midnight. Friday, March 13th.

Look into a puddle

I look into a puddle

Into a mirrored image of the trees

From my side of the forest to the water’s side

Is there a world in that water

on the other side of the reflection?

A photograph does not capture the feeling

Of moving into

A world on the other side

Of moving down down down into the depths

Into the deep

What if I just dive in

Leave this world behind

In exchange for another quieter, more peaceful one

A world without people cars phones panic pandemic fear

A world apart

A silent world

A water world

With trees that grow as tall as mountains

Stretching beyond infinity

A world where I can be silent

Where I can be





But will there be music?

If I open my mouth to sing, will there be sound?

Perhaps, then, I will stay

For now

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