The morning after

I woke up in the dark. I am not sure it was voluntarily. I have the inkling that it may be the result of cats tapping me until I rise and then conveniently disappearing.

I lay in bed, imagining that sleep would come once more. The anxious pangs I had been experiencing in the days leading up to my dissertation defense had gone, but in their place was something different.


A dear friend stayed with me these past few months during a time of transition. Her presence was such a gift, a blessing. Seemingly simple but profound. I watched her create her own chrysalis. I shared in the transformation that took place within, and I celebrated with her in the emergence.

It was beautiful to witness.

And now, I feel the absence of her. Such a remarkable woman who has yet to realize just how truly amazing she is.

The rooms in my apartment feel so spacious, empty space.

My heart feels something similar.

This morning, I write to feel a part of something, to feel less alone, and to fill my heart.


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