Feeling-Shutdown Days 11-12

DSC_0155I am trying not to get wrapped up in the negativity that is swirling around social media forums, so I am calmly (and sometimes less calmly) stabbing a glue stick on the backs of maps and postcards and attempting not to think too deeply.

If covering my floor with postcards, magazine and newspaper clippings, bookmarks, stickers, and ticket stubs counts as standing up for my rights, then I am firmly advocating for my self.

If not, then I am just staying at home going through relics from my past and immersing myself in strangely engrossing art projects.

Should I be:

  • thinking deeply?
  • in D.C. protesting?
  • calling my local political reps?

Do I even think it would make a difference? No. I do not.

Yet I cannot help but feel deeply troubled by the seeming indifference and hurtful behavior from so many politicians. Comments about not paying furloughed employees who are just staying home and streaming movies on Netflix are insensitive, inappropriate, and unprofessional.

I may be better rested than I have been in a long time due to this furlough, but that does not mean that I am on vacation.

I am under no allusions that life in a foreign country would be magical and perfect. However, I think I could use another respite from being an American in America. After moving all of my worldly possessions thousands of miles north to Alaska and southeast to Massachusetts, I have been spent quite a bit of time going through and questioning whether I can live without each postcard, rock, branch, article of clothing, book, and textile. Little by little and sometimes in greater quantities, I have been reducing my collection so that my next move, whenever that may be, will be lighter.

I began this post on a sunny Day 11 morning and am bringing it to close on a grey, dismal Day 12. I know that happiness is a choice, and I am hoping that I can lift my spirits before too long.

What do I need and want from you? Love. Support. And patience. I will be ever grateful.


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