Will you still love me-Shutdown Day 10

DSC_0265I woke up this morning feel better than yesterday but still wary. The negativity of the day before seemed to reach a breaking point for me, yet I could not seem to work my way out of it. Each time I dislodged one tentacle, another took it’s place nearly instantly.

What to do?

The sun is still shining. I have an abundance of love, and support around me. I will most certainly not go hungry any time soon. In fact, my freezer is so full of homemade soup from my mom that it did not seem to miss the chicken soup I took out to give my neighbor who has not been feeling well these past few days.

This shutdown offers much time for reflection and for going through the memories—tangible and otherwise—of my life. I have been moving through each room of my apartment, taking trinkets from windowsills, dusting around them, and sometimes deciding against putting them back.

I have a bag full of rocks and branches and shells from Walden Pond and beyond that are ready to make a journey to a foreign place—my cousin’s new stone shower project in Charleston, a quiet corner of a hidden wood? I am not yet sure. I will have to listen to find out.

Something I know for certain is that there is life inside and an entire world of life all around me, and for this I am thankful.

I am also thankful for the time I have been given to express my inner creative voice. Each day, I have been taking time to write, compose, and create.

Today, I plan to continue.

What will you do today?


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