Made it through Mercury

I made it through mercury’s most recent descent, though not entirely unscathed. Saturday, I was a walking disaster, trying to carry too much to the car, coffee sloshing down the front of my t-shirt and splattering onto my pants.

I had heard people mention the phrase “mercury is in retrograde” in the past in response to periods where it felt like nothing was working and everything was going wrong, but I was never certain what it meant. I am still not sure I could explain the vedic science behind it. However, I have a deeper appreciation for the ripple of energy it may send out into the universe.

If you have read John Muir or are of the mind that everything on earth is connected, it may not be a far stretch to embrace the idea that all energy on earth and beyond is entangled.

If I think about it from a small perspective, I notice the way my entire body can change from one short encounter with another being. When the man who helped me at the post office found a way to stuff the contents I was mailing into a smaller label in an intentional effort to save me $10 in postage, I floated back to my car. When a large truck cut across two lanes of traffic so I had to move illegally into the median lane, I instantly felt anger and vengeful. I know that I can affect another person’s energy, so I am trying to be as aware as possible of my own actions.

I feel calm when I sit beneath a shady tree and there is natural quiet, birds singing, air gently brushing across my skin.

Energy is powerful. If we are not alone on this planet, I believe we should take care in the kind of energy we spread around. That being said, it is for each person to decide how to interpret another being’s energy. I have personally experienced how difficult it can be to look beyond the negative energy and to dig more deeply into what may be inspiring it. What I have found is that when negative energy is directed toward me, the inspiration is less about me than something deeper going on in the other being, mainly people for me. The furry creatures and those with bark tend to send out better vibes.

So here I sit, drinking coffee and attempting to wake up after a long night of interrupted sleep. A wolf-like dog lies with one leg up in the air and body twisted. What he has experienced in his short life I will never know, but I am glad to know that I can give him love for all the years ahead.

I have made it through this most recent bout of mercury, which has served as yet another reminder to slow down and keep breathing.

As a wise yogi instructor told those of us in his class, “Everything is already alright. Everything is always alright.”

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